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Bike Fitting Services


Dynamic Bike Fit

The dynamic bike fit involves determining the correct bike position by adjustment of cleat, saddle and handlebar positions. By way of interview and physical assessment along with the use of laser technology and motion capture analysis we can fine tune the riders position depending on their specific events and requirements. The dynamic bike fit takes in the region of 2 to 2.5 hours.



Power Based Dynamic Bike Fit

This fit utilises the same techniques as the dynamic bike fit but also assesses the riders aerodynamic efficiency relating to power production. A more aero position is not always going to be faster in the long run, so by analysing the riders power production we can determine the best trade off between power and aerodynamics.



Power Testing

Our experienced cycle coaches will determine your heart rate and power training zones through the use of our unique testing protocols.



Cycle Coaching

With over 30 years racing experience our coaches are ideally suited to fulfill all your cycle coaching requirements. One on one coaching, team or club coaching days or training camps, just give us a call and we can arrange it for you.


Frame Finder

Using our frame finder software we can determine the most suitable sized bike frames available to the rider. Manafacturers included are Trek, Giant, Felt, Cervelo, Specialized, BMC, Argon 18 & more.


Personal Training



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Who should have a Bikefit?

Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal effieciency, comfort and injury prevention.


All cyclists, no matter how long they have been riding or their ability, can improve their cycling biomechanics by having a thorough analysis at Bike Fit Me.


Over the last number of years we have seen many cyclists who have bought a bike without any assessment and have visited us with back pain, knee pain, neck pain etc.


If you are considering buying a new bike and want to ensure that your bike will fit you perfectly and not cause you injury or discomfort, then you should come and visit us.


All of our customers perform better and enjoy their riding more as a consequence.